In the end, the Wreath (see below, December 21, 2020) was allowed two ornaments:

The tiny glass capsule at the bottom is full of sea glass from Maine, from our granddaughter.

The wooden, sentiment-rich snowflake at the top was from our daughter.

They will reappear next year for the 50th Anniversary of the Tree.

Dry and crumbling, the Wreath is now outside encircling Kuan Yin, Chinese goddess of mercy and compassion, a sort of Asian BVM.

Over the Wreath I poured the last of the juices and fat from the Christmas beast and added several coffee cans of birdseed. Then, for 2021, I chanted three rounds of the Gayatri Mantra, which is a plea for wisdom and an expression of gratitude for the sun and its light. (Such fun being an Episcopalian.)

Within minutes, Kuan Yin and Wreath had visitors.

Including one nearly tailless squirrel. One fears for his survival keeping warm through the winter.

So ends 2020 and welcome to 2021 with hope! Pray for the squirrel!